The Minty Fresh Cooperative Game

Mint Cooperative puts you and your fellow superheroes to work delivering the citizens of Mintopia from the threat of periodontal peril!






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Designed by Jonathan Gilmour (Dinosaur Island, Dead of Winter, Wasteland Express, Kids on Bikes, etc) & Brian Lewis (Dinosaur Island, Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid), and developed by Justin Blaske (Mint Works, Mint Delivery) & Mel Primus (Penny Lane), Mint Cooperative is a refreshingly light cooperative game for 1 to 4 players with easy-to-learn rules and exciting strategic gameplay, all in about 15-30 minutes.  

Its compact size makes it easy to put in your pocket and take anywhere. Coupling that with its approachable rules, Mint Cooperative is a great tool for introducing new players to the genre of cooperative gaming.


 1. Choose your Hero

2. Choose your Villain

3. Set up the map as indicated, place Hero Meeples, prepare the Stunt and Trouble Decks (Event Deck if playing a villain that requires it), set up the Regional Panic Track, place the Action Die Reference Card, Villain Card and dice. Each location starts with 3 mints on the Freshness Track.


4. Distribute 3 Stunts to the first 3 heroes in turn order.

5. Roll Dice - if 4, 5 or 6 is rolled, Trouble is afoot and you deal with the trouble effects indicated on your villain card. Each villain causes trouble in different ways, especially if double or triples are rolled!

6. Resolve Trouble Effects (remove mints on the locations as indicated by the Trouble card, then increase Regional Panic by the number of visible panic icons on the affected locations). Interspersed throughout the deck are 3 Mayhem cards. When Mayhem is drawn, you immediately count ALL visible panic on ALL locations and increase your Regional Panic accordingly. 


How to Win?  Survive 3 Mayhem Cards from the Trouble Deck

How to Lose?  Regional Panic increases to 27 or more

The Mint Series was born of the 2017 BoardGameGeek Mint Tin Challenge where designer, Justin Blaske, submitted Mint Works, the Minty Fresh Worker Placement Game. Following the contest, he brought Mint Works to Kickstarter where it funded Day 1 and went on to become an evergreen product selling over 30,000 copies and still reprinting. Mint Delivery, the Minty Fresh Pick Up and Deliver Game, was a huge Kickstarter success, funding in Hour 1, raising almost $200,000 and expanded to the French market. 

The Mint Universe has become its own licensed IP and we are having more and more industry designers submit designs to join our series where we make a singular modern board game mechanism approachable by being simple to play, easy to teach, and a quick play time. 

Risk and Challenges

With an established Mint Series now, we feel like we have learned a lot about the process from start to finish. We've also built relationships that help me choose reliable partners for each stage of the process.

We feel like that experience will help to keep this campaign running smoothly from start to finish.

That said, this is still a production and things can fall behind or get off track, which could lead to the ever-present delivery delays. While we don't anticipate any problems that would through us off track, it's always possible. Remember, components, including art and layout is subject to change before the final product ships.

As you can see from our past campaigns, we're committed to full transparency and involving you with the project, so regardless of how everything turns out along the way, We'll be here to keep things on track and explain the situation.
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  • Northridge, CA
  • Drama
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