Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Phone/Tablet

A versatile stand for phones/tablets that offers maximum productivity and comfort with a minimalist design.






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The laptop is a great tool for working. But its low screen positioning and fixed keyboard forces users into awkward postures, causing neck-and-shoulder pain and diminished comfort.

Problem is, the traditional laptop stand is too bulky to carry around and often takes a lot of time to set up - turning it into a productivity-killer. 

We set out to make sure every road warrior can work absolutely anywhere with ease and comfort. That's where MOFT comes in. It’s lightweight, portable, convenient, patented and feels "invisible" ——that it is MOFT invisible stand.

What exactly do we mean by Invisible

We truly believeGood design is invisible" and put this philosophy into creating MOFT: unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, unnoticed when carried. 

You will never be troubled by forgetting to take a laptop stand when going out, because MOFT acts as a natural, seamless appendage of your computer.

Ridiclously Easy to Setup

It's very easy for you to use MOFT stand and only takes One Second to open and close it. so you won't have a frustration of spending much time on packing and unpacking the device.

 Plus, MOFT is always with the Laptop, so you have the same mobility you are used to.

Light as a Pen, Slim as a Coin

Weighing a mere 3 oz. and only 1/9” thick, you just might forget you’re carrying MOFT around with you. And for the benefits MOFT stand provides as a mobile workstation, its small measurements are that much more impressive! 

MOFT stand is constructed with unique PU and fiber glass material, meaning it’s as strong and stable as other bulkier stands at a fraction of the size! It can hold up to 18 lbs.

MOFT stand is equipped with two elevation adjustments, making it easy to find the ideal height and comfort.   

MOFT stand’s removable glue lets it conveniently attach and detach from your laptop without leaving a single mark or scratch, re-attaching with the same strong effectiveness.

Risk and Challenges

We understand and acknowledge that no project comes without risks and challenges. Despite our planning, there are circumstances that may be out of our control. If we are met with these events, we promise to communicate with full transparency to you, our backers, and work to resolve all issues in a timely manner.
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