SOUNDPEATS Truengine2: The HiFi Dual-Driver TWS Earbuds

The World’s Most Advanced TWS Earbuds with patented crossover and dual 6mm dynamic drivers, delivering the incredible stereo sound.






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Dual Driver HIFI TWS Buds

Truengine2 is the world’s most advanced TWS earbuds with crossover and dual dynamic drivers, it delivers the incredible stereo sound with strong bass, accurate mids and clear treble, achieving a balanced separation for Hi-Fi music and audio.  

SOUNDPEATS, as a leading designer & maker of personal audio headphones. Focusing on premium sound quality and ergonomic designs, SOUNDPEATS delivers the most comfortable fit and superior audio experience for all urban sports lovers. In 2013, SOUNDPEATS went global with business expansion in the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy, followed in 2015 with Japan, where it has been honored as a country-wide best seller and top best-product on Amazon. With its ultra comfort and flawless sound, SOUNDPEATS has earned a well-deserved reputation across the globe. 

There are a lot of wireless earbuds on the market today. However, most of them are built around a cheap, single-driver design that lacks the ability to accurately represent sound across different frequencies without interference. This results in a muddy sound that lacks strong bass and accurate audio details.  

SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 owns a patented design of dual dynamic drivers + Truengine Crossover™, which separates audio signals in different frequencies and delivers them independently, resulting in a balanced separation that greatly enhances sound quality in Hi-Fi audio.

Truengine2 features a high quality beryllium speaker design. This material is ideal for the speaker as it is incredibly strong while remaining ultra-light. It delivers crisp treble without harshness. Combined with the powerful, deep bass from the composite-diaphragm driver, you will feel the music come alive.

 Based on the sound captured by the dual mics, Truengine2 can dramatically reduce unwanted ambient noise during calls using CVC™ (Clear Voice Capture) noise-cancellation tech, delivering crystal-clear calls even in noisy environments.


Risk and Challenges

We're confident about what our production and logistics ability, so far we don't foresee any issues of the risks and challenges, and expect to deliver Truengine2 at exceptional quality according to our timeline. However, even the most well-planned process can meet unpredictable things happen, we would still like to inform you of certain risks and challenges. If there is a natural disaster and anything unexpected happen, it may lead to the delay of the delivery. We'll keep every backer in transparent communication while we have any updates about our progress and production.

We will continue working hard to ensure that Truengine2 is delivered to your home on time.
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