ZUBITS magnetic lacing - Metallics - Never tie laces again!

Magnetically transform your own shoes into easy no-tie kicks with cool new metallic bling. Reusable magnets last forever!






-70 days



This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Friday Nov 08, 2019 20:35:10

ZUBITS magnetic lacing - Metallics - Never tie laces again!

Zubits magnetic lacing solution is the fastest and easiest way to get in and out of shoes. Just lace our powerful magnets onto your own shoes and never tie laces again. Help us develop all new Gold and Chrome ZubitsĀ® and bring some bling to your shoes. (patented)


  • No more tying, knots, double knots, or laces coming undone.
  • Slip into wide open shoes as if there were no laces at all. 
  • Close with a simple magnetic click.
  • Remove your shoes hands-free.
  • No more ugly messy bows. Just a clean looking shoe.
  • Shiny Gold & Chrome add bling to your kicks.
  • Magnetically pair up your shoes and organize them in new places. 
  • Without laces, your shoes double as easy slippers.

Amazing Strength - Zubits high-tech magnets are incredibly strong. Really, you won't believe it. They can hold up to 17lbs of force and stay secure for running, parkour, going to the gym, or playing recreational sports. Thanks to Bay Area Movement for the parkour (bamvmnt.com)!

Shoes become slippers - With a wide open shoe and no laces dragging on the ground, many people use Zubits closures just like slippers for short use like getting the mail or walking around the campsite.

3 Sizes - After the campaign ends, you will be sent a survey asking you to choose your preferred size and color for each pair of Zubits closures you purchased. The survey will explain the size choices thoroughly to help you decide. Larger sizes hold more secure but are harder to split open. Smaller sizes are easier for kids to open yet strong enough for play and running.


Risk and Challenges

We have already been delivering original Zubits closures for years so we do not foresee a problem delivering the new metallic Zubits closures. Though it is a new mold and finishing process, we have already produced some good working samples so we are confident we can produce these special additions. The mold design is finished and the finishing process has been perfected. We have worked on this new design for years with a number of mistakes which we've learned from. But mistakes lead to understanding and improvements and now we are ready.

We have a great track record of delivering on our campaign promises and we expect this campaign to run more smoothly than before. We answer customer questions and provide tracking numbers for orders in countries where ePacket tracking numbers work (most major countries and EU and USA)
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  • Salt Lake City, PA
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